Mini Ninjas Release Set For September

Back in January, the Eidos-owned Io Interactive announced Mini Ninjas, an adventure game set to be released for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and PC.  The creators of the Hitman series made it very clear that this new IP would not be bloody, M-rated fare like other games in the Io library.  Instead, Mini Ninjas will feature light combat, stealth gameplay, and magic.


Players will travel through lush forests, tread through snow-covered fields, and sneak about ancient-looking towns.  In another family-oriented move, Io Interactive has stated that upon being defeated, enemies will not perish.  Instead, your slain opponents will turn back into their normal animal forms.  Players will control Hiro and his group of ninja pals in an attempt to save the world from total domination at the hands of an evil samurai.  Each of the six ninjas will have their own distinctive attributes and abilities.  To the dismay of some, Mini Ninjas will not support cooperative play.

Io Interactive did not go the realistic route with the game’s graphics.  Instead, Mini Ninjas features a stylish, artistic approach.  Locales are rich in color and characters are full of charm.  Different animals can be seen throughout the game, and they are, for the most part, depicted in a manner that’s not all that realistic, but definitely gives off a sense of style.


Mini Ninjas is set for release in North America on September 8 and in Europe on September 11.  A playable demo will be available for the PC and Xbox 360 on August 19 and for the PS3 on August 20.  Are the folks over at Io Interactive in way over their heads to think that their new family-friendly IP will get the attention of many gamers?  Can players really look forward to a title with substance despite its cartoonish appearance?  Or are we all in for a big surprise?  It seems that we’ll have to wait until September for the full experience to find out.

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