DSi Launched in China

8 months after the DSi was launched in Europe and America, the handheld has finally been released in China.

A Kotaku reader has submitted photographs of the event, which he took downtown Puxi, Shanghai. He states that “This was set up outside a subway station and shopping district,” and added “This is a pretty typical way of marketing in China, they basically had a booth set up where people could come up and try the system.”

The product was distributed by iQue, under the name “iQue DSi”. The handheld is being sold with a pre-loaded copy of Nintendogs, with a series of Chinese translations of DSiWare titles being showcased. Players purchasing the title are also given a 1000 point DSiWare gift card.

Here’s a couple of photographs of the event, courtesy of Kotaku reader, Brian:



Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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