Ant Nation: DS Review

Nintendo strikes gold again with their newest DS phenomenon, Ant Nation. It’s a simple real-time strategy game (RTS) that follows the life of an ant commander through battle and struggle to maintain balance in a colony.


As the game progresses, you find yourself increasing the multitude of your ant army and strengthening your forces to ultimately keeping your colony thriving amidst enemy attacks of a truly grotesque nature –trust me, if you’re not a fan of swarming insects, you too may feel as if the very skin was going to slither from your flesh.  You have the option of enjoying the game as the good old commander himself, or you can duke it out with your best friend or your worst enemy in a 2-player battle royale.  You build up your colony as more ants join, collecting bits of sugar and sweet morsels to feed all the inhabitants.

Ant Nationalism

As with any community, your ant nation has its struggles and trials to overcome.  For one, you’re in the midst of a war between the ants and the other insects of the animal kingdom.  You’ve got to maintain order while warding off evil doers from your animated ant family.  Of course, what Nintendo video game would be complete without the customary journeys and missions?  As you progress, your ability to keep order and keep your nation thriving will definitely drain you of your time as you’ll be engrossed in the world in which Nintendo has thrust you.


Real-Time Strategy

If you’ve played such games as Starcraft or Command and Conquer, you’ll be familiar with the real-time strategy genre and be able to manoeuvre your way through the real world of an imaginary ant leader.


As one can only expect from Nintendo DS, the gameplay is spectacular and very straightforward.  With the revelation of touch screen technology, the camera angles are remarkably simple and your first eye perspective of the ant commander’s power gives one the feeling of absolute control.

With amazing graphics and spectacular first-person controls, Ant Nation is a brilliant addition to the Nintendo DS franchise.

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