Naruto Ninja Council 3

Naruto Ninja Council 3 is the fourth edition in the Naruto Ninja Council series that was developed for the Nintendo DS. The action game is based on the manga and anime series. The game along with all the other games in the series were developed by Aspect and published by Amy.

The missions in the game occur on a small map and the touch screen works as a map and as a place that you can perform different jutsu. The opponents that you are going to face in this game include ninjas and animals. You will be required to fight your opponent under different and sometimes challenging conditions such as fight while protecting an ally, fight in the midst of hungry creatures and painful hazards and when your health pack has been downsized to half. It brings in the challenge in the game thus making it interesting and draws the need for strategic thinking. A few wrong moves will leave you for dead and you will not be able to proceed to the next mission. The characters in this game are well over 20 and are the same characters depicted in the other games in the Naruto series.

Naruto Ninja Council 3 is a fighting game that entails you to beat your opponent and drain their life bars. Only when you are the last man standing can you be satisfied that you have won the game. Weapons and health items are hidden all over under rocks and boxes that you can break in order to uncover them. Once you have uncovered weapons, you are able to throw these at your enemies. You need to use speed and alertness largely in this game for the purposes of survival.
To unlock characters besides Narudo, you need to play the mission mode and beat all your enemies.

The party mode allows up to four players to play unlike the mission mode. This mode is rather fun and crazy as you are involved in human battles. Four players can connect their systems together, then take part in treasure hunts, and fight royal matches.  The game also features the possibility of a combination of attacks that you can get from all the characters in the mission. There are over 30 missions to complete in this game, each with a different twist and its own challenges.
Other modes for this game include Scroll Collection Mode, Timed Mode and Head-to-Head Versus mode.

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  1. Naruto! I am so getting this Naruto Ninja Council because my cousin is obsessed with watching their episodes. And it will work on the conosle and everthing. soo excited.X-mass list- 1 down.

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