Screenshots and Additional Details for Foto Showdown

Earlier today we posted about how Konami had announced Foto Showdown, an innovative RPG experience that allows players to create monsters using the Nintendo DSI’s built-in cameras. That story can be found here, and should be read for general gameplay information.

We now have additional details on the gameplay of the game, as well as screenshots that show off different aspects of the gameplay (screenshots found at bottom.)

Additional Gameplay

In Foto Showdown, players are allowed to fight with up to six monsters simultaneously at a time, and they become progressively stronger as they win battles.

Battles in the game will be turn-based duels. From the screenshots, it looks as if on a monster’s turn they can move and/or use one of their two skills. Additionally, each player will have a deck that they use it the battle.  If I am correct, the deck are cards that affect your monsters, such as spells, items, etc. Also, as players compete in tournaments, they can win three types of cameras that unlock new monsters and levels. In addition to upgrading a monster’s powers, player can visit a shop in-game to buy and sell monsters ,and also buy new items, weapons, and more.

The game supports both local wireless play and Nintendo Wi-Fi play. Using local wireless, players can battle and trade against their friends.

The game is slated for release in Quarter 1 of 2010.

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