Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is a tactical role-playing game that is developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The game was first released on December 5, 2008 in Europe; August 7, 2009 in Japan; and in February of 2009 in North America and Australia. The mode of the game includes the single player, multiplayer and online multiplayer. It is also the eleventh installment in the Fire Emblem series.

The game is about a prince that embarks on an adventurous expedition to win back his kingdom and save his sister. It features 25 chapters and 6 levels of difficulty. The levels vary from easy to very difficult to cater to both beginners and experienced gamers. Other features to look forward to in this game are the 20 character classes, namely, airborne Pegasus riders, armored knights and curates wielding recovery states. You can choose the class that you want to play in with the option to change to another class if you wish.

Battle and talk with other players via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection online and the built in Nintendo DS microphone. Other features include dual screens and touch screen controls. You can get as many as five characters to play in this game from the single player campaign. Two players can participate in battle, where one player wins by defeating the opposing army and obtaining the central castle’s flag before the turns are over. With each victory, a card is awarded which can be used to apply special effects in a particular campaign of the game.

Combat takes place in each of the six multiplayer battle maps that allow free movement. You have to work within a time and turn limit. You can save your game after completing a chapter. It is also possible to save your game during battle but only temporarily.

The graphics in this game have been greatly improved from the last edition. It received positive ratings by providing an enjoyable experience. Nintendo awarded the game an 8/10 and IGN gave the game an 8.5/10. Ngamer also awarded the game 83/100 and Official Nintendo magazine an 86%. The level of difficulty of this game is also impressive. It eliminates the aspect of being simple and monotonous.

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