Hear the DS Lite like never before

To Nintendo DS Lite owners who are dissatisfied with the sound quality coming out of their device, gaming accessory developer BLAZE now has portable pro speakers ready to ship. This device enhances the gaming experience by adding quality sound that is found in simple home theatres. The attachment consists of twin speakers and a woofer; from Mario to Zelda, or even Rhythm Paradise, sound is experienced in better fidelity.

the DSI gets higher fidelity sound
Nintendo's gaming device gets higher fidelity sound

Powered by the DS Lite, the speakers hook up to the Game Boy Advance slot and they do not interfere with the Lite’s controls. When not in use, they are easily foldable for convenient carrying.

Like any attachment, players may want to ensure their device is fully charged before taking it out on the go with them. This way, players can get maximum game play time.

Blaze Europe is a renowned, world-leading video games accessories developer and distributor, selling a variety of products to gamers of all platforms. They sell directly, to retail and through distribution partners worldwide.

The speakers are available for order at a price of £12.99 (approximately $20 USD) at www.blazeeurope.com

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. Wouldn’t it have been nicer, though, if Nintendo had taken care of their sound problem and then provided some kind of discount or bonus for dissatisfied users? I appreciate this new option, but of course, I’m out more money, too.

  2. hmm yeah the sound is not the best but its not like they can fix the speakers or recall it just because some people are complaining, plus I think the Dsi has much better sound 🙂 … upgrade?

  3. I would’ve much preferred them just taking the normal DS and giving it the perks of the DS-lite. You know, like multiple brightness settings and such?

    This’d be rather useless to me, I use headphones. XD

  4. Totally agree with you Orrymain. With that being said, there would be a lot of incoming products with that sound problem and they can’t just recall all of them.

  5. @Orrymain. Yes it would have been nice that they already fixed their product before selling it on the market or maybe it was a plan to be able to sell their speakers thou.

  6. Nice way to fill a need for all of the people out there who have DS Lites and want better sound quality. Sure, better speakers in the DS Lite could have been included, but someone at Nintendo thought the existing speakers were good enough.

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