Sudoku Challenge More Then 1 Million Puzzles

Sudoku Challenge More Then 1 Million Puzzles

Sudoku masters, addicts and the bored get ready for a storm of Sudoku challenges.  Nintendo DS shop has just released Sudoku Challenge with more then 1 million puzzles to solve.  the game claims that you will never see the same puzzle twice and increase your brain power by 72.8% (ok that’s joking).

GORMLEY, Ontario, Canada – November 30, 2009 – Digital Leisure Inc. a leading developer and publisher of interactive video-based titles and console games, announced today the launch of Sudoku Challenge!, designed exclusively for the Nintendo DSi™ Shop.

It’s time to play the brain-busting phenomenon taking the world by storm. With over 100,000,000 unique Sudoku puzzles, you’ll never see the same puzzle twice in Sudoku Challenge! Get started by selecting the classic nine-by-nine Sukodu gameboard or really take up a challenge with Grand Sudoku by completing five intersecting Sudoku boards simultaneously – A first for the Nintendo DSi™! With three difficulty options even the most novice player to complete a Sudoku with ease. It’s time to get your thinking cap on and see how many Sudoku puzzles you can conquer!

Digital Leisure plans to follow up Sudoku Challenge! with Word Searcher and other exclusive Nintendo DSiWare™ titles in the coming months.

Sudoku Challenge! will be available November 30th exclusively on DSiWare for 500 Nintendo DSi Points™.

Nintendo trademarks used under license. Nintendo DSiWare is available only on the Nintendo DSi system.

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