Ninja Captains is released today on Nintendo Wii and DS!!

Released today 16th October 2009, Ninja Captains is a combination of wacky humour, addictive game play and exotic locations which makes this a must-play title for anyone with Wii or DS… Don’t miss out! Ninja Captains is available today from all major high street and online retailers.

Meet Warrior Ninja, Clumsy Ninja, Gadget Ninja and Fatty Ninja they may look like ordinary cats, but whenever there is trouble, they become Ninja Captains!

Armed with the latest in mouse-tracking technology, when their city is attacked by a giant robotic mouse, these four felines have no choice but to do what they do best – save the world.

Join the Ninja Captains in their pranks and capers as they travel to famous cities like London, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro plus many others. Up to four players can travel across the world and test themselves against 20 mini-games including bull running, sledding and Gondola racing…

To celebrate the launch of Ninja Captains, the publishers Nordcurrent released a selection of videos to let you see what the Ninja Captains get up to when they aren’t saving the world, click on any of the links below and enjoy:

Official Game Trailer:
Afro Ninja:
Warrior Ninja in battle:
Gadget Ninja is Magic:
Clumsy Ninja – Piano man:
Fat Ninja – The Impossible Mission:
Ninja Captains – Fishing:

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  1. What’s with Asian martial arts and cats? Ever since Samurai Pizza Cats, it’s like cats have a secret place to master deadly arts.

  2. I don’t care where they came from, I think they’re cut and lots of fun. I’m really beginning to favor WII games as they seem to be more my style. This game looks appealing to me. I’m going to take a good look at it later.

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