Ever wonder how Mama selects the perfect ingredients for her delectable dishes? Well, for the first time in franchise history, chefs can go shopping with Mama and help her pick out the ingredients for this year’s selection of 80 new recipes. To give players a look at what it will be like to shop with one of the most renowned chefs in history, Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL) today released screens from Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop’s brand-new “Let’s Shop” gameplay mode. “Let’s Shop” is just one of the savory new modes in the latest title from the wildly popular cooking video game series that has sold more than 4.5 million units to date.

Mama has left the garden and is back in the kitchen whipping up 80 new recipes – including mushroom quiche, tulip chicken and more. Players use the stylus as an all-in-one cooking utensil to chop, grate, roll, slice, spread, sprinkle and more through over 200 manic mini-games. Eight gameplay modes allow them to shop for fresh ingredients, create custom culinary concoctions, compete with up to four friends in timed challenges and more. Additionally, players can send friends items they grew in Gardening Mama and use them to make meals in Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop!

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  1. Okay, well, I have two comments. First, I like the review and the game sounds like one that I would enjoy and partake in. I made the mistake at looking at the ‘about the author’ and that wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. Yes on the game, no on the ‘about the author’.

  2. its actually a really good game I have played both previous Japanese versions of this game… if your commenting on my Author Bio or the “About the Author” you obviously have not seen Fight Club before and should really go and get it 😉

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