Down and Dirty with Colin McRae Dirt 2

If off road racing is your thing then you’ll do fine with this beautiful game and take it for a spin. In Colin McRae Dirt 2, players assume the role of a soon to be well known driver competing on the off-road circuit against pros like Ken Block and Travis Pastrana.

One of the best tidbits that Codemaster has to offer from their latest racer is that you can have loads of fun with the Dirty Tour career mode that could last tons of hours on your first run.  Opponents in the game are no pushovers; in fact they are as smart as their human counterpart. Racing with opponents gets interesting by the minute. From start to finish they put on an unbelievable fight.  Vehicle handling and with the damage system on board veteran racing pro’s might find a hard time in getting alone with the punishment, but nevertheless difficulty levels can be altered at every event. There is also a flashback feature which gives gamers the access to instantly replay the event when their vehicle collided for a dangerous 360 spin. Dirt 2 may not have the best realistic off-road game but it still is fun and entertaining.

Career starts to get rumbling when you first kick in the driver’s seat. You first car will be a Subaru Impreza that belonged to the late Colin McRae. There are a total of 35 realistic cars to unlock and choose from in the game. Car performance is measured in ratings from one to ten when it comes to acceleration, top speed and handling.  You might find you car rather bit slow since your just starting your career, but as you move up to the ranks, you have the option to upgrade them not piece by piece but rather upgrades are sold in kits designed for different race events in the game.

All the vehicles in the game look fantastic with every car being realistically created just with their original counterparts. Vehicles can be further customized with different interior decorations and be instantly covered in dirt and mud when you play them in races. Vehicles can be damaged and deformed by how you hit a rock or turn your car upside down. Players have the ability to turn on or off the damage; it’s highly up to player himself if he wants it. Damage effects can greatly ruin a cars performance. For example a bust engine makes your car a little less slower than the normal, so be careful when you drive.

There are various gameplays for players to choose from these include: Rally, Rallycross, Raid and Landrush. Ther are also Special Modes like Gatecrasher, Domimation and Last Man Standing.  Graphic wise Dirt 2 has top-notch graphics most especially when the environments turn nasty.

The gameplay that Colin McRae Dirt 2 has to offer makes this game fun and entertaining to play. The superb racing details and not to mention the multiple difficulty levels makes this game accessible to many newcomers who want to try their luck on racing.

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