New Screenshots of Dawn of Heroes

Today, Majesco Entertainment released ten new screenshots for the upcoming Nintendo DS RPG, Dawn of Heroes. The game is expected to release in February of 2010.

Dawn of Heroes features distinctive 3D art, humorous story telling, epic locations and nearly limitless customizable questing parties. However, the title also holds true to its RPG roots with classic elements – including sprawling quests, puzzle solving, turn-based combat and deep character development and customization unlocked throughout the game that will satiate even the most hardcore of gamers.

In Dawn of Heroes, players are tasked with restoring the Kingdom of Brimthule to its former glory by battling through perilous quests and dangers. The once great Kingdom sectioned into baronies after its valiant warrior – King Leroy – sacrificed himself to save the inhabitants by trying to entomb the beastly Ragnakore. Now beset by curses, monsters, and misfortunes, it is up to players to build a new community of heroes who will bring the once great people back together. These heroes must usher in a new Dawn of Heroes as they stand tall against the realm’s greatest foes.

Featuring a deep storyline, the game takes players through over 50 missions with branching paths and varied side quests. Whether playing alone or with friends through wireless multiplayer action, players choose a character from one of over 25 playable classes from six unique factions before they embark into the world filled with a multitude of dangerous enemies. As they progress, future heroes can share their collected items with friends via Wi-Fi and consistently optimize their parties for a different battle every time they seek a new challenge.

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